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Basilur Tea at EnjoyBetterTea.com
Tea in the Spotlight: Basilur

Basilut tea has exported the finest of Ceylon Tea for almost 150 years. The tea is cultivated in areas such as Dimbulla and Nuwara Eliya, both renowned for producing the finest black tea. The climate is ideal for tea growing, with light precipitation all year round. Grown in mineral-rich soil and tended lovingly, the tea is the finest in the world. Basilur Tea is plucked, fermented and packed right where it is grown, which results in the highest quality of tea available. Basilur is all about quality. See for yourself with our wide selection of tea options, all of which are priced economically (quality and economy- two great reasons to try this tea!).

Try a tea from their Specialty Classics Collection, including English Afternoon tea in a beautiful tin caddy, English Breakfast tea in bags or Earl Grey tea in a caddy or in bags. Basilur’s Bouquet Collection includes Sencha Pure Green Tea (smooth and mild), Cream Fantasy Loose tea (berry and cream notes with the scent of flowers), along with several others. A bunch of us here really enjoy the Basilur Nuwara Eliya black tea because it has such a smooth taste and great aroma. All Basilur teas are definitely a cut above other teas, so try some today!

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Pickwick Strawberry Tea 20 tea bags
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